How to configure IFTTT via TP-Link APP?

Configuration Guide
Updated 07-31-2017 01:49:37 AM
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You can activate or create every Applet you want by IFTTT app or it’s official website. If the Applet is relevant to TP-Link Router, you can also configure it via TP-Link apps, including Tether and Deco.

Note: This FAQ shows you how to configure IFTTT Applets relevant to TP-Link Router based on Tether APP. The methods in Deco app are similar.

Before configuring, you should have,

Step 1.

Open the Tether app on your mobile device, tap “” to login your TP-Link ID.

Step 2.

Tap “Smart Life Assistants” and then choose “IFTTT”.

Step 3.

Follow the app guidance, bind your TP-Link ID to your IFTTT-supported product, tap “Get Started” to configrure IFTTT Applets.

Note: You can choose some existing popular Applets here. If you want to create a new Applet as you like, we suggest to use IFTTT app or visit IFTTT official website.

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