How to configure Connection Alerts on Tether App

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Once the Wi-Fi clients connect or disconnect from the router/Deco, it will give you a push notification on the Notification Bar or email according to your settings.


The Connection Alerts will replace IFTTT, so only the devices which support IFTTT will support Connection Alerts. Please update your app to the latest version.

For Homeshield supported models

You can enable the New Device Alerts feature in the app settings for all Homeshield supported models under your account.

Open the Tether app, click on the ≡ icon.

Go to App Settings.

Go to Notifications. Enable Notifications and New Device Alerts feature.

For IFTTT supported models

Open the Tether app, choose your device under “My Devices”, and find Connection Alerts under “Tools” in the Tether app

Then select “Connection Alerts”

Enable the Connection Alerts and set the profiles according to your demand.

For Deco app, please refer here.

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