What can I do if I have slow speed when connect to the Deco network?

Updated 04-29-2019 06:22:04 AM
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There are different situations in relation to the slow speed issue, please refer to the corresponding suggestions for troubleshooting.


Deco APP shows slow speed.

The speed shows on the Deco APP is the speed that main Deco gets from the modem, when it’s much less than the speed provided by ISP, please refer to the below steps.

1. Connect a computer to the main Deco by an Ethernet cable directly, test speed on the computer. If the speed on the computer is the same as the ISP speed, it may be a display problem of the Deco app, which won’t affect the actual internet speed.

2. Unplug the main Deco and the modem, then connect a computer to the same Ethernet port on the modem with the same Ethernet cable, test speed on the computer, if the computer has the same speed with the Deco app, it’s suggested to contact ISP or modem support.


Slave Deco has slow speed

1. Check the network environment of your home network, for example, how far between the main Deco and slave Deco, whether there are any obstacles between the Deco units, as we know, more obstacles in the environment, the slower of the speed.

2. If only one slave Deco has slow speed issue, try to swap the location of the slave Deco units to identify the issue is with the specific Deco unit or with the location.


Certain client has slow speed

1. Connect a computer to the main Deco by an Ethernet cable, confirm the speed from the main Deco is normal.

2. Check the link speed on the certain client, make sure it’s not the link speed limits the actual download speed.

3. Turn off the HomeCare function. Set the QoS to Standard mode, disable “High Priority” for all the client devices, turn off Antivirus feature on the Deco, and then check whether the speed will be better.


If above suggestions can’t solve your problem, it’s suggested to contact TP-Link support.