What can I do if the xDSL LED indicator is not on constantly on my xDSL modem/modem router?

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Updated 08-18-2017 02:28:14 AM
This Article Applies to: 
TD-8816 , Archer VR900v , Archer VR2800v( V1 )


The xDSL LED indicator is off or keeps flashing, which means the xDSL modem isn’t establishing proper connection with the internet line.
Please refer to the followings to troubleshoot:
1. The ISP’s line issue
It’s always recommended to check with your internet provider first to exclude the possibility of the problem coming from the ISP’s side, and make sure it's ADSL OR VDSL, for example, if it's  VDSL standard, you cannot use an ADSL modem router.
2. The telephone cables or the splitter
There are two phone cables involved here: one from the modem to the splitter; one from the splitter to the phone port in the wall. It can be either one of them.
Please take out the splitter and connect the modem to the wall line directly or replace the above two phone cables.
3. The modem itself
Note: this step is not suitable for TD-8616 which only needs the above two step to troubleshoot.
Try to reset the modem first by pressing the reset hole for 15 seconds while the modem is powered on.
----If this doesn’t help, refer to the following to change DSL mode in the configuration:
1)   Log in the modem’s web management page please refer to:
A. For some of our modems, you will get a window as below; please go to ‘advanced setup’--’adsl’--choose ‘adsl mode’ as ‘G.DMT’ or ‘ADSL 2’(try both)---save, then check the adsl light again.
B.For some modems, you will get a window as below: please go to ‘network’---’DSL settings’----choose ‘DSL modulation type’ as ‘G.dmt’ or ‘ADSL 2’(try both)--save
C.For some other modems, you will see a window as below: please go to ‘advanced setup’--’DSL’---tick ‘G.dmt Enabled’ ‘ADSL 2 Enabled’ and “AnnexL Enabled’ (uncheck the other options for ‘modulation’)---save
D. You may also see a window as below: choose ‘DSL modulation type’ as ‘G.dmt’ or ‘ADSL 2’(try both)--save
If you have further problem, please contact our support by support@tp-link.com.