How can I conduct 3DS authentication when purchasing Tapo Care

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What is 3DS authentication?

3DS authentication, also known as 3D Secure authentication, is a security protocol designed for online payments. Its primary objective is to enhance the security of online transactions and prevent fraudulent activities. Depending on the policies of your issuing bank or payment provider, you may be required to undergo 3DS authentication.

During the 3DS authentication process, you will be prompted to provide supplementary verification details, such as a password, SMS verification code, or fingerprint scan. These details are cross-referenced with your banking information to verify your identity and the legitimacy of the transaction.

How can I conduct 3DS authentication when purchasing Tapo Care?

1. Please log in your account on our website: Tapo Care .

2. Click the icon next to the “Renew Failed” and click “Verify Now”.

Then, please follow the instructions to complete the authentication process.

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