How to change wireless settings of TP-Link range extender on Tether App

Configuration Guide
Updated 10-24-2023 07:15:08 AM 367773

This article will show you how to change the wireless settings of the TP-Link range extender on the Tether App.


If your range extender is in a OneMesh network, it automatically synchronizes network settings from your router. You will need to turn off OneMesh on the extender to change its wireless settings.

Method 1

  • Open Tether app.
  • Tap on the extender to log in. If prompted the password would be admin or the new password you have created.
  • Tap on the Network Name.
  • Change the wireless settings for your Extended Network.

Method 2

  • Open Tether App.
  • Tap on the Extender. You may be required to sign in.
  • Tap on Tools on the bottom of main screen of TP-Link Range Extender.
  • Tap Extended Network and change the wireless settings.


Some specific models support customizing both wireless names and passwords. For supported models and more information, please click on the following link to visit our forum:

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