What can I do if the Deco app isn't working properly

If Something Goes Wrong
Updated 01-02-2020 02:19:17 AM 89975
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If there’s something wrong with the Deco app, please try to do the below troubleshooting based on the problem you have.

Q: Can’t install the Deco app successfully

Deco app requires Android 4.4 or higher version, iOS 9.0 or higher OS version on your mobile device. If you encounter any installation problems, please kindly check and update the OS version on your mobile device.


Q: Deco app crashed

1. Uninstall the Deco app, then reinstall the latest Deco app on your phone.

2. Install the Deco app on another phone for a try.


Q: Fail to log in to the Deco app

1. Ensure you entered the correct e-mail address and password when logging in.

2. Open a browser and search something on the phone, make sure the phone has internet access.

3. Connect the phone to another Wi-Fi network for a try.

4. Uninstall and reinstall the Deco app, then open the app and log in.

The app will ask for WLAN/Cellular permission during this process, please kindly tick allow.

5. Use a different phone to download and install the Deco app, then try to log into the Deco app again.


If above suggestions can’t solve your problem, it’s suggested to contact TP-Link support.


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