Why does Parental Control show my device has reached the time limit while it actually hasn’t?

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Updated 06-01-2022 06:58:12 AM 33376
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After configuring a time limit on Deco’s parental controls feature, a device under the parental control may experience an issue where the device is only using the internet activity for a short time, but the Deco app shows that the set time has been used up so that the device has no internet.

It’s because Deco counts internet time for all internet activities on the device under parental control, including background activities, such as iCloud communications from iOS, the background activities work the same as regular internet activities, and it’s difficult to distinguish them from the regular internet activities like browsing. Therefore, the actual internet usage time of the device is shorter than the set time.

It is recommended to turn off the Wi-Fi on the device or disconnect the device from the deco when the device is not in use, and then the time used on the device will be equal to the time limit set on the deco.

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