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What’s the Smart Home feature in the Deco app?

The “Smart Home” feature provides a convenient gateway to smart living. Without the need for additional smart home apps, you can now directly add and manage smart devices. It has three parts:

Add Smart Device

There is no need to download and install individual apps for your smart devices like Kasa, Tapo, or Philips Hue, now, you can seamlessly add and setup smart devices directly within the Deco App.

For detailed setup instructions, please refer to how to configure TP-Link Kasa/Tapo Devices on the Deco APP.

Basic Control over the Smart Devices

Smart devices within the Deco App offer more than just a connected device display on the router’s client list. You can achieve basic control over the smart devices, such as turning on/off switches and setting working Schedules.

Automation & Shortcut

*This feature applies to TP-Link Kasa and Tapo devices only.

With the Shortcut function, you can control multiple devices in the Deco network with a simple tap in the Deco app. For example, turn on all the Kasa smart plugs in the living room or prioritize TVs when streaming.

With the Automation function, you can create smart interactions among devices within the Deco network. For example, set up an automation rule to turn off Kasa/Tapo smart lights automatically when your phone disconnects from the WiFi network (leaving home).

Please refer to Shortcut or Automation if you want to know more detailed setup instructions.

Please refer to Smart Home in the Deco APP to get more information on the possibilities offered by Smart Home features in the Deco App.

Which Deco model supports the Smart Home feature?

Most models in the Deco AX, AXE, and BE series support the Smart Home feature. More are coming in the future. Stay informed about the latest developments by checking for product new firmware release notes.

Product Line


AC Series

Deco M5, Deco M1300, Deco P7, Deco M9Plus, etc.

AX Series

Deco W3600, Deco X20, Deco X25, Deco X60, Deco X68, Deco X4300 Pro, Deco X5700, Deco X90, Deco 50, Deco X55, Deco W6000, Deco W3600, Deco X5000, Deco X3600, Deco W7200, etc.

AXE Series

Deco XE5300, Deco XE75, etc.

BE Series

Deco BE85, Deco BE95, etc.

Models Supporting Matter Controller

Product Line


Coming soon

AX Series

X55 V1.0/1.6, X50 V1.0/1.6

X55 V1.2/1.3, X50 V1.2/1.3, X60 V3.0/V4.0, W3600 V4.6, X25 V4.0, W6000 V2.60

AXE Series


XE75 V2.0, XE75 Pro V2.0

BE Series


BE65 V1.0, BE85 V2.0, BE95 V1.0


1. Please ensure that you’re using the latest firmware on your Deco system.

2. For the network mixed with different deco models, the Smart Home feature is up to the main deco. It will be available if the main deco supports it.

What smart devices support working with the Deco Smart Home feature?

· Tapo/Kasa: Smart Light Strips (coming soon), Smart Light Bulbs, Smart Plugs, Smart Switches

· Philips Hue bulbs

· Matter Certified Smart Plugs, Smart Bulbs, Smart Switches, Smart Hubs

*A small part of the Tapo, Kasa, etc. products cannot be added to this feature but more of them would be supported with firmware updates.

*Deco M9 Plus supports Zigbee and Bluetooth. Compatibility List

What are the differences between Deco Smart Home and Tapo/Kasa?

Deco Smart Home opens the door to initiate your smart home journey, meeting the basic needs of beginners. Limited product types/models and functions are supported, such as turn on/off, Schedule, Color/brightness adjustment, Energy Usage Display, Shortcut (scenes), Automation, etc.

If you’re interested in exploring the full and more advanced smart home features, and to explore a broader range of smart devices like cameras, robot vacuums, smart thermostat valves, and more, a dedicated smart home App, Tapo or Kasa App will be needed.

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