What can I do if I can't have Internet connection after connected to powerline adapter?

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Updated 09-14-2017 06:42:42 AM
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There are several reasons why you may not have an Internet connection. Below is an example of a normal topology of powerline network.

Step 1:

Please make sure the modem or router is currently connected to the Internet.. You can simply connect a computer to the device to check.


Step 2:

Please make sure the physical connection is correct. The Ethernet LED should be on.If not, change the Ethernet cable or try on another computer or device.


Step 3:

Please make sure the Powerline LED is light up on your all adapter. If not, please refer to the Installation Guide in the package or FAQ 258 to pair them. Additionally, you can reset them; plug them into wall sockets directly; move away from high-power appliances.



Step 4:

Please check the IP of your computers. It should be in your router’s subnet. Please refer to FAQ_838 to check the IP address.

If you don’t get an IP address, please refer to FAQ_14 to configure the IP parameters manually.


If you still can’t get Internet connection after these steps, please feel free to contact us.


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