Windows 11 Compatibility for TP-Link Network Adapters

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Updated 08-01-2022 06:47:30 AM 270626

In our effort to continue providing end users with excellent experiences and satisfactory service, TP-Link is working to provide Windows 11 compatibility for as many of our products as possible.

The list below provides information regarding Windows 11 Compatibility for TP-Link Network Adapters and will be updated frequently to reflect driver availability.

USB Adapter High Gain/Power Adapter PCIe Adapter USB Hubs & Converters
Archer TX20U V1 Archer TX20U Plus V1 Archer TXE75E V1/V2 UE306 V1
Archer T3U V1 Archer TX20UH V1 Archer TXE72E V1 UE305 (EOL)
Archer T3U Nano V1 Archer T9UH V2 Archer TX20E V1 UE300C V2
Archer T2U V3 Archer T4U Plus V1/V2 Archer TX3000E V1/V2 UE300 V4
Archer T2U Nano V1 Archer T4U V3.2/V5 Archer TX55E V1/V2 UE200 V2
Archer T600U Nano V1 Archer T3U Plus V1 Archer TX50E V1/V2 UE330 V3
Archer T2UB Nano V1 Archer T2U Plus V1 Archer T6E V2 UH720 V4
TL-WN823N V3 Archer T600U Plus V1 Archer T5E V1 UH700 V4
TL-WN821N V6 TL-WN8200ND V3 Archer T4E V1 UH400 V4
TL-WN727N V5.2 TL-WN822N V6 Archer T2E V1 UC400 V1
TL-WN725N V3 TL-WN722N V3.2/V4 TL-WN881ND V2.2
UB500 V1 TL-WN781ND V3.2
UB5A V1 TX401 V1
UB400 V1 TX201 V1
UB4A V1 TG-3468(UN) V4


Q1: Does the TP wireless adapter support the Windows 11?

A1: We have tested our wireless adapter devices for sale and they can be used on Windows 11.

Q2: Where to install the Windows 11 driver?

A2: As for the driver, we suggest that you can install the Windows 10 X64 driver on the Windows 11 system to use.

About the T5E/TX50E/TX3000E, we suggest you can download the driver on this page to use.

Q3: Can the TP Bluetooth adapter work on Windows 11?

A3: On the UB400/UB500, please download the official website driver to use.

About the T5E/TX50E/TX3000E, please go to this page to download the driver to use.

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