What should I do if an additional Deco fails to be detected/added?

Try the following:

  • Make sure your Deco app has been updated to the latest 1.6 version. Update your Deco units to the latest firmware version as well.
  • Move your smartphone closer to the Deco unit you're trying to add.
  • Make sure your Deco unit is powered on and the LED is pulsing blue. If not, reset the additional unit by pressing the RESET button for one second. Then wait for 2 minutes till it's pulsing blue and add it again.
  • Quit the Deco app completely, then open the app again and add the additional unit.
  • If the app reminds "We couldn't find Deco", please tap TRY AGAIN. Then you may see an option called "use Bluetooth", tap the option and walk through the steps to complete the setup.


This Article Applies to:
Deco P7 , Deco M9 Plus , Deco M5
When You Set Up | Updated 06-29-2018 09:45:21 AM