What’s a modem? How can I set up Deco with an existing modem?

A modem is a device that connects your home to the internet. There are three kinds of modems.

  • A DSL modem has an RJ11 jack to connect to a standard telephone line.
  • A cable modem delivers broadband internet access via a coaxial cable.
  • A combo router is a combination of a modem and router.

If you have a DSL or cable modem, Deco will select the connection type during setup and prompt you if input is necessary. If you don’t have a modem, you may be able to access the internet directly through an Ethernet jack.Modem router or gateway Deco will detect the Internet connection type during its setup process and let you input corresponding information if needed.

This Article Applies to:
Deco P7 , Deco M9 Plus , Deco M5
Before You Buy | Updated 05-08-2017 01:26:37 AM