How to check actual Powerline Rate of the Powerline Adapters

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Updated 06-11-2024 09:39:16 AM 3120

There are two methods to check the Powerline Rate of the Powerline Adapters.

Method 1 via tpPLC app

Step 1 Connect to the Wi-Fi network of a Powerline extender, and launch the tpPLC app.

Step 2 Click your Powerline extender.

Step 3 Click Data Rate to check the actual Powerline Rate.

Method 2 via tpPLC Utility

Step 1 Download tpPLC Utility, please refer to

Step 2 Connect to the Wi-Fi network or Ethernet port of your Powerline extender, then you can find the actual Powerline Rate on the tpPLC Utility.

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