General questions about Parental Control feature of Deco?

Updated 10-15-2019 06:10:21 AM
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Here are some tips if Parental Control feature is not working properly on the Deco.

Firstly, please refer to the link to ensure the settings on parental control are correct.


Q1: Parental Control will be delayed for one hour to take effect.

A: It may be caused by Daylight Saving Time. In this case, please try to reboot the whole Deco network, and then the Deco will obtain the correct time normally.


Q2. A specific website is blocked by the parental control settings.

A: Please refer to the following steps to troubleshoot.

1) Click on the profile you configured on the Deco, then click on Filter Level.

2) Check what’s the Categories and Apps/WEBSITES that you have configured on the parental control.

3) Go to, enter the URL of the blocked website, then you can know if the website is safe or not, and also can know what category the website belongs to.

If the website belongs to the blocked categories, it’s normal to be blocked by the parental control feature.

If you find that the blocked website is classified into the wrong categories, please go to, then apply to reclassify the blocked website to a different category.


Q3. Deco cannot block websites.

A: Please refer to the following steps to troubleshoot.

1) Please ensure Malicious Content Filter on the Antivirus page is enabled.

2) Ensure you have entered the full domain name of the websites rather than the keywords in the Filter Level->APPS/WEBSITES page. For example, if you want to block the official website of FaceBook, you need to type in rather than facebook or

3) When you access the blocked website, it may be re-directed to some other websites that have a relationship with the blocked website (such as the subdomain of the blocked website), causing that the filter rule won’t take effect. In this case, it’s suggested to go to the Insight page, find out the domain name that should be blocked, then click on the Website to block it.

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