How to edit Home and Away Mode for Tapo camera?

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Updated 09-27-2019 02:23:24 AM
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On the Detection page, you can edit the Home and Away Mode for the cameras.

Current Settings: View the current detection settings of all your cameras and customize preferences for individual cameras.

Home & Away Mode: Preset the detection settings for when you are home or away and tap to activate the Home or Away Mode for all your cameras with a simple tap.

Note: The mode settings will overwrite the Current Settings.


Here we take Home Mode as an example.

1.       On the Detection page, tap Home Mode.

2.       Enable Motion Detection function and toggle on to turn on the Notifications function if needed.

3.       Customize Camera Alerts settings. Choose Alert Type (Sound/Light) and Alert Sound (Alarm/Tone), and set Alert Schedule as needed.

4.       Customize Activity Zones and the camera will only detect motion in custom zones. Entire view is covered by default.


5.       Adjust Motion Sensitivity (Low/Normal/High) as needed. Increased sensitivity results in more recordings and notifications.

After complete presetting the Home or Away Mode, you can tap the icon on Detection Page to switch all of your cameras’ detection settings to the mode you want.

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