Tapo C225

Очаквайте скоро

Домашна охранителна Wi-Fi камера Pan/Tilt с ИИ

  • Режим на физическа поверителност - Поддържайте вашата поверителност, като заключвате обектива, когато е активиран режимът на физическа поверителност.
  • Интелигентно откриване с изкуствен интелект (ИИ) -  ИИ на камерата може да открие дали има хора, животни, коли или други обекти в кадъра и да ви уведоми, например, когато куриерът е дошъл пред  вратата.
  • Pan/Tilt - Завъртане на 360° хоризонтално.
  • Интелигентно проследяване на движение Проследява вашия обект и го държи в зрителното поле на камерата.
  • Сензор за звездна светлина - Улавя детайли в изображениятa, дори далечни звезди, заснети при падане на нощта.
  • Звукова и светлинна аларма - Задействайте светлинни и звукови ефекти, за да изплашите нежеланитe посетители.
  • Двупосочно аудио - Позволява комуникация с хората близо до камерата Tapo, директно от приложението, благодарение на вградения високоговорител и микрофон.
  • Бърза настройка - следвайте инструкциите в приложението за бърза настройка.
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Smart. Secure. Easy.

Panoramic Recording & Privacy Protection

Pan/Tilt AI Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

Tapo C225

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Smart AI Detection and Notification

Physical Privacy Mode

Panoramic View

Customizable Night Vision

Flexible Storage Choices

Smart Motion Tracking


Physical Privacy Mode

Maintains your privacy by blocking the lens with the camera’s own housing.

2K QHD Clear View

With a F1.6 large aperture, Tapo C225 captures more light to create crisper images.

The phone is taking a picture of a light bulb

Smart AI Detection and Notification

Smart AI identifies people, pets, and vehicles while recognizing a baby crying and other sounds, notifying users as needed.

  • Smart AI detects a boy Person

    Human Detection

    Notice everyone moving through your camera’s field of view.

  • Smart AI detects a pet Pet

    Pet Detection

    Know what your fur baby is up to with the Tapo app.

  • A child is crying with a sound wave curve next to it

    Abnormal Sound Detection

    Notifies you when hard sounds are detected.

Beta Function


    Glass Breaking


    Dog Barking


    Cat Meowing


    Vehicle Detection


    Gesture Detection*


    Emotion Detection*

*Coming Soon

Customizable Night Vision

Switch to the 940nm IR invisible LED to watch over your baby without interrupting their sleep.


Starlight Sensor

The highly-sensitive starlight sensor captures higher-quality images even in low-light conditions.

Without Starlight Sensor With Starlight Sensor

Smart Motion Tracking

Precisely tracks and follows a subject, keeping it within the camera’s field of view with up to 120°/s rotating speed.

  • The Tapo-C225's MicroSD card interface and the tapocare app is displayed on the phone

    Flexible Storage Choice

    Save recorded videos on the MicroSD Card†(up to 512 GB) or by using Tapo Care** cloud storage services.

  • a living room

    Activity Zones

    Notifies you when activity is detected in specific zones.

  • A child is crossing a line

    Cross-Line Detection

    Notifies you when something or someone passes a set boundary.

  • A thief was about to open the door and was detected by tapo c225

    Sound and Light Alarm

    Trigger sounds and light as an alarm when motion is detected.

  • There is a 360° icon on the product Tapo C225

    Panoramic View

    Generate a panoramic view by photographing the surrounding environment.

  • A little boy and a dog are standing on high.Tapo C225 says:'Honey! Be careful with that!',and the boy reply:'OK.' OK. Honey! Be careful with that!

    Two-Way Audio

    Enables communication through a built-in microphone and speaker.

Защита 128 bit AES encryption with SSL/TLS
Wi-Fi Protocol IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Wireless Security WPA/WPA2-PSK
Задействане на входа Motion Detection, Person Detection, Line-Crossing Detection, Camera Tampering, Baby Crying Detection, Vehicle Detection, Pet Detection, Cat Meows Detection, Dog Bark Detection, Glass Break Detection, Smoke Alarm Detection
Output Notification Notification, Snapshot(Tapo Care).
Видео компресия H.264
Frame Rate 2560×1440@15fps
Video Streaming 2K QHD
Audio Compression G.711
Светлочувствителен сензор 1/3“
Резолюция 2K QHD (2560 × 1440 px)
Обектив F/NO: 1.6±5%; Focal Length: 4mm±5%
Night Vision Night Vision
View Range 360° Horizontal, 149° Vertical
Аудио комуникация two-way audio
Audio Input & Output: Built-in microphone and speaker

*Изображенията и информацията са само за справка. Действителните продукти може да се различават.

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