How to install 5G external antennas on Deco X80-5G and Deco X50-5G

When You Set Up
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NOTE: Make sure you have installed two external antennas to ensure that Deco's LTE/5G network works properly.

When working in 4G/5G Router mode, you can install 5G external antennas (not included in the product package) manually to strengthen the 5G signals of your Deco.

Before You Start

  • Make sure your antennas support the working frequency and band.



Deco X80-5G

2496MHz~2690MHz & 3300MHz~4200 MHz


Deco X50-5G

700MHz~2690MHz & 3300MHz~4200MHz


  • Make sure your antennas connector type is correct. (Deco X80-5G: SMA Male; Deco X50-5G:RP-SMA.)
  • Make sure your Deco is working at 4G/5G Router Mode. If not, open the Deco app and go to More > Advanced > Operation Mode to switch the mode.

Follow the steps below to install your external antennas:

1. Remove the antenna cover on the back of your Deco X80-5G/Deco X50-5G.

2. Connect your 5G external antennas to the antennas ports.

Note: The image of antennas is for reference only and may differ from actual products. We cannot guarantee the performance while using any third-party 5G external antennas.

Deco X80-5G

Deco X50-5G

3. Open the Deco app, go to More > External Antennas and enable External Antennas. When enabled, the external antennas will replace part of the internal antennas.

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