TP-LINK Replacement & Warranty

Warranty & Replacement

Dear Customers,

Thank you very much for purchasing TP-Link products. In order to protect your rights and interests, please read the following Warranty Policy carefully.

  1. Limited Warranty
  2. Warranty Period
  3. Replacement Procedure
  4. Appendix

Limited Warranty

TP-Link Australia Pty Ltd (TP-Link Australia) provides a limited warranty on all eligible TP-Link products originally purchased in Australia or New Zealand from an authorised retailer. The limited warranty covers failures due to defects in material or workmanship on the primary device, antenna and external power supply. Packaging, software products and technical data are not covered under the limited warranty. The limited warranty does not extend to uninterrupted or error-free operations. Purchase receipt from an authorised retailer and a complete product serial number are required to receive any services guaranteed as part of the limited warranty. 

Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods. 

Conditions that disqualify products from the limited warranty include, but are not limited to:

  • any defects or damage caused by abnormal use, including but not limited to:
    • any defects or damage caused by accidents, improper installation or maintenance, misuse (including failure to follow product documentation), neglect, disassembly, alterations to the hardware or supporting setting files, service or repair or maintain by other than TP-Link Australia authorized technicians, and external causes such as, but not limited to, natural disaster (e.g. lightning, flood, earthquake, etc.), water damage, extreme thermal or environmental conditions;
    • any defects or damage caused by software, virus or improper use of self-made, non-public or third party/open source software;
    • any unauthorised obliteration or tearing up of the product barcode; or
    • any product with obvious hard object damage, fissure, broken legs, exposed core, severe deformation, or any other similar damage;
  • any defects or damage caused by normal tear or wear which does not impact the normal use of the product by a normal standard;
  • any defects caused by transportation or loading during returning voyage;
  • any defects you knew of or were made aware of before you bought the product; or
  • any other defects that are not caused by workmanship or product quality.

Warranty Period

TP-LINK Australia provides a 3-Year warranty to Home Products, 5-Year warranty to Business Products, 1-Year to other products from the date of purchase of the products by an original purchaser from an authorised retailer. If you have questions about warranties on new TP-Link products, select a product list below.

Product type
TP-Link Home Products 3-Year
TP-Link Business Products 5-Year**
TP-Link Outdoor Products


TP-Link Smart Products 2-Year***
Other TP-Link Products 1-Year

* The Warranty Period is calculated starting from the date of original purchase of the products from an authorised retailer. The Warranty Period does not renew or recalculate at the time of repair or replacement. The original date of purchase will apply to repaired or replacement products. 

**Starting from January 21, 2019, TP-Link Australia provides a 5-Year Limited Warranty on our Business Products, subject to the following conditions:
a. TP-Link Australia will honour the 5-Year Limited Warranty for all Business Products originally purchased from an authorised retailer on or after January 1, 2017.
b. External power supplies, modules and other accessories may be covered under a different warranty coverage than the host device(s). Please refer to TP-Link Accessories for more information.

***TP-Link Australia will honour the 3-Year Limited Warranty for all TP-Link Smart Products originally purchased from an authorised retailer or reseller if the packaging states the warranty is for 3 years.

Replacement Procedure

You will be responsible for shipping charges, insurance, transportation-related and other expenses incurred in claiming the warranty from TP-Link Australia.
If you return out-of-warranty products or products under warranty that is determined not to conform to this warranty, you will be responsible for all return-shipping and other transportation-related expenses.
If the product is found to be defective and is covered by the TP-Link Australia limited warranty, the consumer can request a product repair or replacement as follows:

Normal Replacement

To request warranty service in Australia and New Zealand, you need to process TP-LINK’s RMA program by following the steps below.

Step 1: Call Toll-Free hotline. Australia: 1300 875 465/ New Zealand: 0800 875 465.
The customer is required to perform troubleshooting with TP-LINK technical staff to receive a case number.

For additional methods of technical assistance please visit: 

Step 2: Procure the replacement item from the reseller which you originally purchased the product by providing the faulty goods, the case number and the purchase receipt.

Normal Replacement to Retailer Store

To request warranty service in Australia and New Zealand, you need to process TP-Link’s RMA program by following the steps below.

Step 1: Call Toll-Free hotline. Australia: 1300 875 465/ New Zealand: 0800 875 465.

The consumer is required to perform troubleshooting with TP-Link technical staff to receive a case number.

For additional methods of technical assistance, please visit

Step 2: Procure the faulty product to the retailer where the product was originally purchased from by providing the faulty product with complete serial number, the case number and the purchase receipt.

Alternative Replacement

If the retailer store no longer accepts your claim, you may process it through TP-Link's RMA program by following the steps below. We do not accept any warranty claims without a case number and purchase receipt.

Step 1: Call Toll-Free hotline. Australia: 1300 875 465/ New Zealand: 0800 875 465.

The consumer is required to perform troubleshooting with TP-Link technical staff to receive a case number.

For additional methods of technical assistance, please visit

Step 2: Post the faulty product with complete serial number, case number, purchase receipt and the attached TP-LINK Australia Product Repair and Replacement Form to TP-LINK Australia at the address below:

Company Name: TP-LINK Australia Pty Ltd

Business Address: Unit 4, 9-11 South Street, Rydalmere, NSW, Australia

Contact Number: 1300 875 465

Step 3: Once the faulty product is received by TP-Link Australia, TP-Link Australia or its distributors will inspect the faulty product and may ship back a repaired or replacement product. Consumers will be informed of a tracking number. This process is usually performed within 3-5 business days excluding delivery times.

The warranty period shall not be extended and is to be calculated from the product's original date of purchase from an authorised retailer.

How Consumer Law Relates To This Warranty

The benefits to the consumer given by the warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies of the consumer under a law in relation to the goods to which the warranty relates.
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


Warranty service stated above is only valid for products sold in Australia or New Zealand by authorised retailers only. Any other additional warranty service agreed at the time of purchase shall only be effective based on the contract signed by TP-Link Australia.
Any warranty service made by the suppliers is beyond this warranty policy, TP-Link Australia shall not be held liable. Please obtain documents during purchase to be honoured by the supplier.
If there is any direct or indirect damage other than TP-Link product’s own fault that prohibited the product from functioning normally, TP-Link Australia shall only be liable for the duties stipulated by the state law.
TP-Link Australia shall neither, on any account, respond to any loss caused by damage such as improper use of applications and configurations, nor respond to any accusation put forward by a third party.
Remarks:  TP-Link Australia reserves all rights including interpretation and modification to this warranty policy.
TP-Link Australia does not provide international warranty service.  Your TP-Link product is only covered by the warranty policy of the country where the product was originally purchased.  If you need to ship your product back to the country where you originally purchased the product for warranty services, you will need to pay for both ways of the shipping fees.
For more information, please send an email to 



Home Products
WiFi Router
Deco E3 Archer A6 Archer AX10
Deco M9 Plus Archer A9 Archer AX50
Deco M5 Archer A10 TL-WR945N
Deco M4 Archer C7  TL-WR940N
Deco E4 Archer C6 TL-WR845N
Deco X60 Deco X20 Archer AX20
Archer AX6000 Archer C60 TL-WR843N
Archer AX11000 Archer C59 TL-WR842N
Archer C5400X Archer C5 TL-WR841N
Archer C5400 Archer C1200 TL-WR840N
Archer C4000 Archer C50 TL-WR820N
Archer C3200 Archer C25 TL-WR802N
Archer C3150 Archer C2 TL-WR941ND
Archer C2600 Archer C20 TL-WR941HP
Archer C2300 TL-WR1043ND TL-WR841HP
Touch P5 TL-WR1043N TL-WR702N
Archer C8 TL-WDR4300 TL-WR843ND
Archer C9 TL-WR743ND TL-WR842ND
Range Extender
RE590T RE300 TL-WA855RE
RE580D RE210 TL-WA850RE
RE450 RE205 TL-WA830RE
RE350 RE200 TL-WA820RE
WiFi Adapter
Archer T9UH TL-WN821N Archer TX3000E
Archer T4UH TL-WN727N Archer T9E
Archer T4U TL-WN725N Archer T8E
Archer T2UH TL-WN723N Archer T6E
Archer T3U TL-WN722N Archer T4E
Archer T2U Nano Archer T4UHP TL-WDN4800
Archer T2U Plus Archer T2UHP TL-WN881ND
Archer T2U TL-WN8200ND TL-WN851ND
Archer T1U TL-WN823N TL-WN781ND
TF-3239DL TL-WN822N TG-3269
TL-WN7200ND Archer T5E TG-3468
Archer T3U Plus    
Access Point
AP500 AP200 TL-WA801ND
Mobile WiFi
M7450 M7350 M7300
M7200 M5350 M7650
3G/4G Router
Archer MR600 TL-MR3020 TL-MR3420
Archer MR400 TL-MR3040 TL-MR3620
Archer MR200 TL-MR3220 TL-MR6400
Broadband Access
TL-VG5612 TD-W9970 TD-W8980
Archer VR2800 Archer D9 TD-W8970
Archer VR2600 Archer D7 TD-W8968
Archer VR1600v Archer D5 TD-W8961N
Archer VR900 Archer D50 TD-W8960N
Archer VR600 Archer D2 TD-W8950N
Archer VR600v Archer D20 TL-R860
Archer VR500v TD-W9980 TD-8840T
Archer VR400 TD-W9977 TD-8817 
Archer VR300 TD-W9960 TD-8816
Archer VR200v TD-VG3631 TD-VG3511
VN020-F2V Archer VR2100 VC321-G2h
TL-SG1008D TL-SG1005D TL-SF1008D
  TL-SF1016D TL-SF1005D
USB Bluetooth Adapter
Media Converter
MC100CM MC112CS MC220L
MC110CS MC200CM  
MC111CS MC210CS  
POE Accessory
TL-POE10R TL-PoE150S TL-PoE200
SFP+/SFP Module
TL-SM311LS TX432 TXM431-SR
Power Supply
TL-MC1400 RPS150 RPS2
TL-MCRP100 PSM150-AC  
Indoor Antennas
TL-ANT2405C TL-ANT2405CL  
Outdoor Antennas
TL-ANT5830B TL-ANT2414B  
Antenna Accessories
Smart Home
Cloud Camera
NC450 NC260 NC250
NC220 NC210 NC200
Smart Plug
HS100 HS100KIT HS110
Smart LED Bulb
LB130 LB120 LB110


TP-Link Smart Products
Kasa Smart Camera
KC100 KC110 KC115
KC120 KC200  
Kasa Smart Power Strip
Kasa Smart LED Bulb
KL50 KL50B KL60
KL60B KL110 KL110B
KL120 KL130 KL130B
Tapo Smart Camera
Tapo C200 Tapo C100  


Business Products
Ceiling Access Point
EAP330 EAP220 OC200
EAP320 EAP120 EAP225-Wall
EAP245 EAP115 EAP115-Wall
EAP225 EAP110  
Wireless Controller & CAP Series
CAP1750 CAP300 AC500
CAP1200   AC50
VPN Router
TL-ER6120 TL-ER6020 TL-R600VPN
Load Balance Broadband Router
TL-ER5120 TL-R480T+ TL-R470T+
L3/L2+ Managed Switch  T3700/2700 Series
T3700G-52TQ T3700G-28TQ T2700G-28TQ
L2 Managed Switch T2600 Series
T2600G-28SQ T2600G-52TS(TL-SG3452) T2600G-28MPS(TL-SG3424P)
T2600G-28TS(TL-SG3424) T2600G-28TS-DC TL-SL3452
  T2600G-18TS(TL-SG3216) TL-SL3428
L2 Managed Switch T2500 Series
T2500G-10MPS T2500G-10TS(TL-SG3210) T2500-28TC(TL-SL5428E)
TL-SG5412F TL-SG5428  
Smart Switch T1700 Series
T1700G-28TQ T1700X-16TS  
Smart Switch T1600 Series
T1600G-52PS(TL-SG2452P) T1600G-52TS(TL-SG2452) T1600G-28PS(TL-SG2424P)
T1600G-28TS(TL-SG2424) T1600G-18TS(TL-SG2216) TL-SG2008
Smart Switch T1500 Series
T1500-28PCT(TL-SL2428P) T1500G-10MPS T1500G-10PS(TL-SG2210P)
TL-SL2428 TL-SL2218 TL-SL2210
Easy Smart Switch
Unmanaged Pure-Gigabit Switch
TL-SG1048 TL-SG1016 TL-SG108
TL-SG1024 TL-SG1016D TL-SG108S
TL-SG1024D TL-SG1016S TL-SG1005P
TL-SG1024S TL-SG1008MP TL-SG105
TL-SG116 TL-SG1008P TL-SG105S
LS105G TL-SG1008 TL-SG1210P
Unmanaged 10/100M Switch
TL-SF1048 TL-SF1016 TL-SF1008P
TL-SF1024 TL-SF1016DS TL-SF1005P
TL-SF1024D TL-SL1218MP TL-SL1226P
TL-SL1226 TL-SL1210  
Other TP-Link Products
Power Bank
TL-PB20100 TL-PB10400
TL-PB20000 TL-PB10000
TL-PB15600 TL-PB5200
TL-PBG13400 TL-PB2600
Computer Accessories
TL-PS110P UH720
TL-EC505EM UH700
TL-EC510EM UH430
TL-EC515EM UH400
TL-EC530EM UE330
TL-WPS510U UE300
TL-PS310U UE200
BS1001 TL-PS110U
TL-AC210 HA100
UP525 UP540
CP220 CP230
UC430 UC100
UC400 TL-WCS200
DSL008 TD-S201A
TP-Link Outdoor Products 3-Year
Outdoor Access Point
EAP225-Outdoor CPE520 WBS510
EAP110-Outdoor CPE510 TL-WA7510N
CAP300-Outdoor CPE220 TL-WA7210N
CPE610 CPE210 TL-WA5210G
CPE605 WBS210 TL-WA5110G

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