How to improve the motion tracking effect of my camera

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In some cases, you may encounter issues with the camera's tracking function being less sensitive or ineffective. Proper installation is key to addressing this problem. Ensure your camera is positioned correctly to cover the desired monitoring area, adjusting its angle and height to optimize coverage and minimize blind spots. It's important to note that due to the camera's placement, fast-moving individuals may appear to move rapidly within the frame, making immediate tracking challenging. Therefore, consider the range of motion you wish to track and avoid having them too close to the camera.

Here are some suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of the camera's tracking function:

1. Choose an appropriate installation position based on the camera view range

The area directly below the camera is not ideal for tracking, and the tracking effectiveness may be suboptimal in certain scenarios. Ensure to maintain the desired monitoring angle, with the camera positioned at least 15° above the vertical direction from its relative installation point, to achieve the best tracking experience.

2. Mount to the side

Consider mounting the camera sideways to reduce the proportion of the frame occupied by moving individuals, providing a more optimal monitoring setup over the long term.

If the camera is installed on the side, moving individuals crossing the camera's field of view may trigger tracking and detection more effectively.

3. Avoid installing behind glass

If the camera is installed behind glass, infrared lights may cause reflection, resulting in blurry and unclear images, thereby hindering timely detection of moving objects, especially in nighttime scenes.

4. Adjust Detection Sensitivity

The sensitivity settings for motion detection affect the tracking sensitivity. You can adjust these settings in the Camera settings -> Detection settings. If tracking is not sensitive enough, try increasing the sensitivity in the detection settings.

5. Update to the latest firmware version

Keep your camera's firmware up to date. Performance improvements may be provided by the new firmware.

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