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Some customers may be confused about the declared speed on the box or specification of power line adapters on the TP-Link official website. However, the declared speed is the speed on the physical level that includes all of the data of the powerline protocol.

Let’s take TL-WPA8630KIT(TL-WPA8630 & TL-PA8010) as an example:

AV1300 The Maximum Powerline speed

AV1300 is not the actual speed but the maximum powerline rate which will be shown on the tpplc utility. The powerline speed showing in tpplc utility will not reach 1300Mbps due to the interferes in the powerline environment.

We do two tests under some interferes as below, the Powerline speed between TL-WPA8630 and two TL-PA8010 can be only up to 364Mbps and 56Mbps. However, the conversion rate (The ratio of transmission rate and Powerline rate) is about 30%-35%(the actual conversion rate depends on the electric wiring system). So the actual throughput should be about 109Mbps-127Mbps.

Let’s assume the Powerline speed between the TL-WPA8630 and TL-PA8010 is 1000Mbps in an ideal environment with few interferes, normally it will make an actual throughput of 300Mbps-350Mbps. This rule basically applies to all Home Plug AV products.



  1. AV600(TL-WPA4010KIT) powerline adapters have a powerline rate of 500 Mbps in an ideal environment and they should have a throughput about 150Mbps-175Mbps theoretically, but their throughput should not spike more than 100 Mbps, since they only have an Ethernet port of 10/100 Mbps. Therefore, if the powerline rate of AV600 powerline adapters is higher than 200 Mbps, customers could get a speed of about100 Mbps with our AV600 powerline adapters.
  2. Some Powerline adapters work with HomeplugAV standard, however, the  HomeplugAV2 powerline adapters which use MIMO technology would have a lower conversion rate. For example, If the powerline rates on Utility could reach to 400 M, then according to the conversion rate we mentioned, the throughput of the HomeplugAV powerline adapters would be around 120Mbps-140Mbps. But HomeplugAV2 powerline adapters that use MIMO technology would have a lower conversion rate.


AC1350 the maximum wireless link rate

The rate AC1350  on the box is the maximum wireless link rate that your client can communicate with the router, also called wireless negotiation rate, which is the physical rate derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. It will vary as a result of many factors, please refer to here to know more details.


If you have more questions except for the speed, please refer to here.


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