How many Deco units do I need? Are they all the same?

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For most Deco products such as Deco M5(3 pack), the three Deco units are identical that can be placed wherever you need Wi-Fi most in your home, but for some models such as DSL or 4G/5G Deco product, the units will be different, for example, Deco X20-DSL(2 Pack) or(3 Pack) includes only one Deco X20-DSL, and the others are ordinary Deco X20 (Without DSL access function). During setup, you will choose one Deco unit to serve as your primary device. It will connect to your modem to enable internet access to your home. From there, additional Deco units can be placed in any room, and each Deco unit will automatically detect and configure the others to create a seamless Wi-Fi system.

While you could use a single Deco unit as a stand-alone router, Deco works best when multiple units work together as part of a system. One Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi System has a range of up to 4,500 sq. ft., and most homes will benefit best from the Deco three-pack configuration. For larger coverage, you can add up to seven Deco units to the initial three.

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