Deco P9(2-pack) Deco P9

  • Wireless class: AC1200 + HomePlug AV1000
  • WiFi + PLC Hybrid Mesh: Hybrid network boosts bandwidth effectively
  • With powerline, there is no more walls or distance limits. Enjoy home WiFi everywhere!
  • Simple and Smart: Easily setup and manage your network with the Deco app
  • Hardware is compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Maximized Range: WiFi coverage up to 4,000 ft2 / 370 m2 (2-pack)
  • Supports connection up to 100 devices

Fast. Stable. Everywhere.

Whole Home Hybrid Mesh Wi-Fi System
AC1200 + AV1000

Deco P9


Mesh Wi-Fi + Powerline: Signal Through Walls

Deco P9 combines dual-band Wi-Fi and powerline to establish a stronger mesh network.
Powerline technology uses your home’s electrical wiring to create stronger connections between Deco units, reducing the impact of walls and other obstacles on signal and providing even faster network speeds and truly seamless coverage .

Deco P9 (Wi-Fi + Powerline)
Traditional Mesh Wi-Fi
Thick Wall Thick Wall

Boosted Speeds: Wi-Fi + Powerline Hybrid Bandwidth

Powerline and wireless connections work together to transmit data between Deco units. The total network speed is greatly improved compared with using Wi-Fi only†‡ .

  • Deco P9
    (Wi-Fi + Powerline) :
    AC1200 Wi-Fi AV1000 Powerline
  • Traditional Mesh Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi

Dead-Zone Killer

The hybrid whole-home system delivers extended coverage up to 4,000 ft2 / 370 m2 with the help of the combination of dual-band Wi-Fi and powerline. Eliminate weak signal areas with whole-home Wi-Fi and no more searching around for a stable connection .

Thick wall Existing electrical warning
AV1000 Gigabit Powerline

Seamless Roaming with One Wi-Fi Name

TP-Link Mesh means Deco units work together to form one unified network. Your phone or tablet automatically connects to the fastest Deco as you move through your home, creating a truly seamless Wi-Fi experience .

No More Buffering

Network speeds three times faster than previous generation routers, thanks to 802.11ac wireless technology, make Deco capable of providing a lag-free connection to up to 100 devices.

5 GHz   867 Mbps
2.4 GHz   300 Mbps
connections for up to 100 devices
High-speed Downloading
IP Camera Streaming
720P Streaming
Web Browsing
Smart Home Devices
1080P Streaming
4K Streaming
Testing of multiple applications conducted by TP-Link in December 2018.

Robust Parental Controls

Simple, intuitive parental controls make it easy to
keep your children safe while they’re online.

  • Easily create a profile for each family member and set custom time limits and online time allowances.

  • Keep your family safe online with one-touch security settings that block websites based on age-appropriateness.

  • Set limits on how much time each person in your family can spend online.

  • Check out which sites your children visit and how much time they spend on each to ensure your children are safe while they’re having fun online.

  • Take a break from Wi-Fi for dinner and family game nights. Just tap a button to suspend internet access for everyone in your home.


All Decos Work Together

Deco P9 is compatible with other Deco models to form Mesh network. Expand Mesh Wi-Fi coverage anytime by simply adding more Decos.

Deco M5
Deco M9 Plus
Deco M4R
Deco M3W
Deco M9 Plus
Deco P9
Deco E4R
Deco M3W
Deco P9
Deco P9
Deco M5
Deco M3W
Deco M4R
Deco E4R

Wi-Fi Made Easy


    Setup Just Got a Lot Easier

    Installing Deco P9 is fast and easy. Just unpack the system, download the Deco app and follow its onscreen directions.

    Learn how to set up the Deco system >>

    Convenient Management

    Manage your Wi-Fi at home or away in the Deco app, including seeing the connected devices, prioritizing your devices, setting up a guest network and more.


    Voice Control

    Pair with Alexa to control Deco P9 with simple voice commands.


Maximum wireless signal rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless data throughput and wireless coverage, and quantity of connected devices are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of network conditions, client limitations, and environmental factors, including building materials, obstacles, volume and density of traffic, and client location.

Maximum Powerline signal rates are the physical rates derived from HomeplugAV/AV2 specifications. Actual Powerline data throughput and Powerline range are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of network conditions and environmental factors, including electrical interference, volume of traffic and network overhead, AFCI circuit breaker, and whether Powerline is located on a separate circuit.

Seamless roaming requires that clients need to support 802.11k/v/r and may require additional set up. Performance may vary depending on the client device.

AC變壓器輸入 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5A
處理器 Qualcomm CPU
連接介面 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports (WAN/LAN auto-sensing) per Deco unit
按鈕 1 Reset button on the underside
外接電源供應器 Power Cord
尺寸大小 7.5 in. x 3.6 in. x 3.6 in. (190 mm x 90.7 mm x 90.7 mm)
天線類型 2 internal dual-band antennas per Deco unit
無線網路標準 IEEE 802.11 ac/n/a 5 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
無線網路頻率 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
訊號速率 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz
867 Mbps on 5 GHz
傳輸功率 FCC: <30 dBm
CE: <20 dBm (2.4 GHz)
<23 dBm (5 GHz)
無線網路安全性 WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
進階功能 ● Router/ Access Point Mode
● Optional Ethernet Backhaul
● Guest network
● TP-Link Mesh Technology:
Auto Path Selection
AP Steering
Band Steering
品質服務(QoS) WMM
IPv6 Support
WAN類型 Dynamic IP/Static IP/PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP
管理 Local Management, Remote Management
DHCP Server, Client
通訊埠導向 Support
上網權限管理 Blacklist
防火牆安全性 SPI Firewall
通訊協定 Supports IPv4 and IPv6
進階功能 Parental Controls
Quality of Service
進階功能 Monthly Reports
Auto FW Update
Expand Wi-Fi by adding more Deco units
訪客網路 2.4 GHz guest network x 1
5 GHz guest network x 1
波束成形 Support
APP Easy setup via Deco App
訊號速率 1000 Mbps
標準 HomePlug AV2
認證 CE, FCC, RoHS
包裝內容 ● Deco P9 (3-pack):
3 Deco units
1 RJ45 Ethernet Cable
3 power cords
1 quick installation guide

● Deco P9 (2-pack):
2 Deco units
1 RJ45 Ethernet Cable
2 power cords
1 quick installation guide
智慧型手機/平板電腦 需求 iOS 9.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later
環境 Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32℉~104℉)
Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃ (-40℉~158℉)
Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing

訂閱TP-Link認真對待您的隱私。 有關TP-Link隱私慣例的更多詳細信息,請參閱TP-Link的隱私政策

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