How to configure Camera Security on your Deco

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Updated 12-12-2023 08:22:49 AM 7907
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Camera Security ensures your privacy at home by blocking your camera from accessing the internet at certain times or all the time.

Follow the steps below to configure Camera Security in the Deco app (iOS or Android).

1. Open the Deco app, go to the Security tab, and tap Camera Security.

2. Choose a mode and add cameras to apply the mode.

Home Mode: Cameras in Home Mode cannot access the internet during block times. You can set block times in the following two ways:

  • Set a Block Schedule: Set times when the cameras will be blocked from the internet.
  • Block Upon Arrival: Set mobile phones that once connected to Deco’s Wi-Fi, the cameras will be blocked from accessing the internet.

Local Only Mode: Cameras in Local Only mode will only work on the local network and cannot access the internet all the time. You can turn it off at any time to let the camera connect to the internet again.

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