TP-Link® Sales Revenue Tops $2.1 billion in 2016

    SHENZHEN, China — Oct. 30, 2017TP-Link®, a leading global provider of consumer and business networking products, announced their sales figures for 2016, achieving a record total sales revenue of a whopping $2.1 billion.


    The figures are no less impressive when examined in terms of total sales volume, which reached a staggering 161 million — the equivalent of five products sold every second. The volume of goods sold boosted sales revenue significantly, with a five percent increase on 2015, continuing a trend of positive growth in year-on-year sales. In the WLAN field, TP-Link’s shipments of networking products once again landed them the world’s top spot; that’s now 26 consecutive quarters as the No.1 in global WLAN shipments according to analyst firm IDC. In 2016 this amounted to a total share of 45.9% for the WLAN market.


    In addition to cementing a dominant position in the WLAN market, in which TP-Link is traditionally strong, significant advancements were made in the smart home product and smartphone industries. Products such as Wi-Fi enabled smart bulbs and smart plugs were met with wide acclaim for their functionality and ease of use, with the Kasa mobile app providing step-by-step configuration and intuitive controls.


    The electronic information industry has become more diversified, pushing at the boundaries of technology while placing the highest importance on user experience. Today it’s moving faster than ever, with new Wi-Fi enabled gadgets appearing at a relentless pace, and the next big breakthrough technology just around the corner. To keep up with industry changes, adapt to a growing market demand and meet the diverse needs of customers, TP-Link adheres to the concept of innovation. This includes everything from the inner quality of the products down to the tiniest design details. Take the Deco series whole-home Wi-Fi routers for example; not only do they have an elegant, stylish appearance, but they also implement the very latest mesh technology and have the most comprehensive internet security ever for a TP-Link router.


    TP-Link will remain committed to innovation, providing customers with the technology they need to make the switch to a more connected lifestyle with convenience and security. While maintaining its inherent advantages over competitors, TP-Link will look to build on its successes and work with confidence towards more exciting breakthroughs in the future. A sales revenue of $2.1 billion over 2016 is the ultimate endorsement of the achievements so far.


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