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Updated 12-13-2022 06:53:23 AM 166801
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The Sunrise & Sunset function is applied in Schedule and Away mode. Please choose the desired mode to set this function.

NOTE: Sunrise & Sunset time is decided by the location. We don’t provide the access to set up “offset” for Sunrise or Sunset in the Away Mode.

Here we use KS200M for example.

For Schedule Feature

Step 1. Tap “+” to add the schedule list.

Step 2. Choose the Sunrise or Sunset time which is decided by the location. Or you can customise the offset, before or after the Sunrise/Sunset. Tap “Save” to save settings.

Step 3. The set schedule will be shown in your schedule list, and you can enable or disable this schedule as needed.

For Away Mode
Step 1. Choose Sunrise or Sunset by taping “” and “”, while “” points to Sunrise time and “” points to Sunset time. Then select the repeating time you want and tap “Start”.

NOTE: If it’s your first time using this function in Kasa APP, it will get your location and the correct time of sunrise & sunset automatically. And if you want to change your time zone, you need to select the corresponding location manually via Me< Settings< Location and Time< Location.

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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