How to Configure Link Backup on Omada Gateway via Omada Controller

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This article introduces how to configure the WAN Link Backup feature on Omada gateway via Omada Controller.


  • Omada Gateway series
  • Omada Software Controller / Hardware Controller / Cloud Based Controller


If your network includes more than one Internet Service Provider (ISP), you can utilize Dual WAN or Multi-WAN routing. With Link Backup function, the router will switch all the new sessions from dropped primary line automatically to backup line to keep an always on-line network.


For example, there are two ISPs connected on ER605 V2, ISP1 on port WAN, ISP2 on port WAN/LAN. WAN port with monthly payment for traffic and WAN/LAN port with payment based on usage. You want to use WAN primarily, and switch to backup WAN/LAN1 when WAN is offline to avoid network interruption.

In this example, you can configure Link Backup as follows:

Step 1. Log in to the Controller via web browser, go to Settings > Wired Networks > Internet > Load Balancing, and Enable the Link Backup.

Step 2. Select the Primary WAN and Backup WAN. In this example, select WAN as the primary WAN and WAN/LAN1 as the backup WAN.

Step 3. Choose Backup Mode and Mode according to your need. In this example, choose Always Link Primary and Enable backup link when any primary WAN fails.

There are two options for Backup Mode, Link Backup and Always Link Primary (default option):

  • Link Backup Mode: The system will try to forward the traffic via the backup WAN port when primary WAN fails. Even if the primary WAN is recovered, it will not switch back unless the backup WAN fails.
  • Always Link Primary Mode: Traffic is always forwarded through the primary WAN port unless it fails. The system will try to forward the traffic via the backup WAN port when it fails, and switch back when it recovers.

There are two options for Mode, Enable backup link when any primary WANs fails (default option) and Enable backup link when all primary WAN fail:

  • Enable backup link when any primary WAN fails: Link Backup will be enabled when any one of the primary WANs fails.
  • Enable backup link when all primary WANs fail: Link Backup will be enabled only when all primary WANs fail.

For common situation, we recommend the default option.


Step 1. Go to Device > Details > Corresponding WAN port to check the Online Detection status of each WAN port.

Before configuring the Link Backup, both WANs were online. However, currently only the primary WAN is operational, and the backup one will only function in case of the primary WAN's failure.

Step 2. To check if the applied settings have taken effect, unplug the cable from the WAN port and leave only the WAN/LAN1 port connected to the router.

Step 3. Then, please refer to Device > Details to check the status of the two WANs. The WAN/LAN1 port should be displayed as Online now.


You have now successfully configured WAN link backup on the Omada Gateway.

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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