How to configure DHCP Server on Omada Gateway via Omada Controller

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Introduce how to configure the DHCP function on the Omada gateway via Omada Controller.


  • Omada or Omada Pro gateway


When creating a LAN Network, the Omada gateway can enable the DHCP Server service to assign IP addresses and other network configuration parameters, such as subnet mask, gateway address, and DNS server addresses, to connected clients.


Step 1. Log in to the Controller, go to Setting > Wired Networks > LAN > Networks, then click Create New LAN.

Step 2. Complete the basic configuration of the LAN Network.

VLAN: Configure the corresponding VLAN, and the interaction between the DHCP Server and the client will be performed in this VLAN.

Gateway/Subnet: The address will be used for the DHCP Server.

Step 3. Configure DHCP Server settings.

DHCP Server: need to be enabled.

DHCP Range: Configure the DHCP address pool range, which needs to be in the same subnet as the DHCP Server.

DNS Server: Configure according your need.

Lease Time: Configure the lease duration.

Default Gateway: Configure the client's gateway information.

Advanced DHCP options: You can configure some common option fields or custom options in Advanced DHCP Options, such as option 138.

After completing these configurations, click Save.


  • The DHCP Server’s assigned IP range corresponds to the LAN Network subnet.
  • If the Default Gateway is not configured, the system will use the DHCP Server’s address (which is also the LAN interface address) as the gateway by default.


You have finished the configuration of DHCP server via Omada controller.

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