How to Install NordVPN on TP-Link Wireless Routers

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Updated 12-12-2023 09:52:48 AM 10853

NordVPN is a widely recognized VPN service that provides enhanced security and privacy for your online activities. By installing NordVPN on your TP-Link router, you can ensure that all devices connected to your network benefit from the VPN's protection.

TP-Link supports quick setup for NordVPN WireGuard and manual setup for NordVPN OpenVPN.

For OpenVPN:

How to set the NordVPN OpenVPN manually on TP-Link Wireless Router

When performing the quick setup of WireGuard, you will need to obtain a token from NordVPN first.

How to get Token from NordVPN | TP-Link

How to set the NordVPN WireGuard on TP-Link Wireless Router

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