What Should I do if the Suction Fan of My Robot Vacuum Reports Errors?

Updated 11-15-2022 03:11:00 AM 25108
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The suction fan is the main clean component of the Robot Vacuum. Its main function is to suck garbage into the dustbin, and there are 4 adjustable suction powers Quiet, Standard, Turbo, and Max.

If the suction fan of your Robot Vacuum reports errors, you may try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Remove the main brush and check if the suction fan gets stuck in obstacles.

2. Empty the Bin following the steps below:

1)Remove the dustbin and water tank.

2)Open the dustbin door to empty the dustbin.

3)Place the dustbin back inside the Robot Vacuum.

3.Clean the Filter following the steps below:

1)Remove the dustbin and open the lid.

2)Remove the filter.

3)Clean the filter with a cleaning brush.

4)Wash the dustbin and filter.

Note: Do not wash with hot water or detergents.

5)Air-dry the dustbin and filter thoroughly, then install the filter in the previous orientation.

4.Try to restart the Robot Vacuum.

If the issue still persists, please Contact Support.

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