Why does My Robot Vacuum Fall Down the Stairs?

Updated 11-15-2022 03:08:00 AM 24459
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Robot vacuums typically don’t fall down stairs because they’re designed to use downward-facing sensors to detect and avoid stairs, If it happens, it might be caused by the abnormal cliff sensor.

The cliff sensor is a sensor that prevents the Robot Vacuum from falling.

The Robot Vacuum has a total of 3 cliff sensors, which are distributed on the bottom of the left, right, and front.

You may try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Turn the robot vacuum over, and wipe the cliff sensor with a damp cloth.

2. Keep the robot vacuum upside down, and press the Start button to check if the main wheels stop spinning after a brief spin and an alarm sounds.

NOTE: The robot vacuum is not suitable for black floors.

If the issue still persists, please Contact Support.

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