Troubleshooting for Deco upgrade Utility

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Case one: Utility cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified when using on Mac OS.

Solution for case one:

  1. Click “Cancel” first, do not click “Move To Trash”, refer to the picture on the left below.
  2. After clicking “Cancel”, please go to “System preferences>>>Security and Privacy”, find the button “open anyway” and click it.
  3. The Utility should be able to be opened after completing the above steps.



Case two: Utility error “Couldn’t find main Deco”

Troubleshooting steps for case one:

  1. Make sure the PC running this upgrade Utility is only connected to the Deco network (wired or wireless, both fine), disconnect the PC from other gateways such as modem and ISP router.
  2. Disable VPN connection on the PC before opening the upgrade utility.
  3. Disable any virtual adapters created by Virtual Machine programs, it is in “control panel>>>Network and Internet>>>Network and sharing Center>>>change adapter settings on the left”.



Case three: Utility error “Incorrect TP-Link ID or password”

Troubleshooting steps for case two:

  1. Make sure the same TP-Link ID and password can be used to login the Deco app on your phone.
  2. This upgrade utility is case-sensitive, it distinguishes upper case and lower case for the TP-Link ID. If you don’t know the exact TP-Link ID, you may check it in your Deco app. Login the Deco app and click the left top corner to check your exact TP-Link ID.
  3. Make sure your TP-Link ID is the Owner of the Deco network, not a Manager.

There are two types of TP-Link IDs, the one which created the Deco network, is called “Owner”, the “Owner” can authorize other TP-Link IDs to manage this network. Those other TP-Link IDs are called “Managers”.

You may check it in the Deco app, example is displayed below:


Note: The TP-Link ID is an email address that could be used for managing your Deco network, you may check it in the Deco app.

Still cannot log in to the Utility after finishing all steps?

Please contact us.

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