Why cannot I connect to my wireless network

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Case1. the authenticating problem, password mismatch

1. Make sure your password typed is correct. You can refer to this FAQ to find the wireless password: How to find or change the wireless password on the TP-Link products

2. Sometimes it will ask you to type in a PIN number when you connect to the wireless network for the first time. This PIN number is different from the Wireless Password/Network Security Key. Usually, you can only find it on the back panel of your wireless router/modem. If you cannot find the PIN or PIN incorrect, you may choose “Connecting using a security key instead”, and then type in the Network Security Key/Wireless Password.

If it continues on saying network security key mismatches, it is suggested to confirm the wireless password on your wireless router/modem. Please contact your router’s support for help if you don’t know how to confirm the wireless password.

NOTE: Wireless password/Network Security Key is case sensitive.

Case 2. Windows was unable to connect to XXX / Cannot join this network / Taking longer than usual to connect to this network.

There are various causes of this kind of problem:

1. Weak wireless signal.

Check the wireless signal strength of your network. If it is weak (1~3 bars), please move closer to the router and try again.

2. Wireless mac filtering or access control function block the specified wireless clients to connect.

Check the wireless settings on the router. Make sure Wireless MAC Filtering or Access Control is NOT enabled.

3. Too much interference

1) Try to change the wireless Channel of the router to reduce interference from other networks.

For example:

For the 2.4GHz channel, you can change the channel to 1, 6, or 11 to test.

For the 5GHz channel, you can change channels 36, 52, or 149 to test

You can refer to this FAQ to change the wireless channel: https://www.tp-link.com/en/support/faq/3085/

2) Try to turn off other wireless routers or devices like microwave/soundbar/bluetooth

4. Your wireless clients have some problems.

1) Try to turn off and turn on/reboot your wireless clients to connect to the Wi-Fi.

2) Contact the support of your wireless clients.

5. Some devices don’t support specified wireless settings like encryption or wireless mode.

You can refer to this FAQ to change the wireless settings: How to Change your Security Settings on your TP-Link Router (new UI)


  1. Change the wireless name and wireless password
  2. Change the wireless security encryption
  3. Change the channel width
  4. Change the wireless mode

6. Other suggestions.

1) Try to connect via WPS. Press the WPS button on the router and then press the WPS button on the adapter. For more details, you can refer to How to connect to a wireless network while a PIN code is required in Windows 7 (WPS/QSS).

2) Re-install or update the driver for your wireless adapter of the computer. Please contact computer/wireless adapter support for help if you don’t know how to update the driver.

3) Refer to Why cannot I connect to the secured wireless network of the router? for more solutions.

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