30-Day Cloud Video History

Capture Every Moment

With the Tapo Care plan, all of your events are recorded and you can easily review them—anytime, anywhere—via the Tapo app.

Recorded video is saved to the cloud for 30 days* for you to access at your convenience, regardless of camera status (even if the camera is unplugged or stolen).

Never Be Caught Off-Guard

Rich Notifications with Snapshots

Smart alerts notify you in real-time the instant your camera detects person with a snapshot. Instantly review the related video clip to know exactly what’s happening anytime there is unusual activity.

Baby Crying and Person Detection

Optimized, Intelligent Detection for Your Home and Family

Receive real-time alerts when your baby starts crying or when people come into your camera’s view. Customize AI detection to prevent false alerts, like those triggered by movement from your pets. Monitor your baby even when you’re not in the room and receive prompt notifications if they start crying.

*Tapo Care is always getting smarter. More AI detection functions are coming soon!

Motion Tracking

Keep an Eye on any Movement

A subscription to Tapo Care allows your camera to track motion so you can even follow your pet’s every action when you’re at work.

*Now support pan and tilt wifi camera Tapo C200.

Privacy Zone

Protect Your Privacy from the Very Beginning

Set customizable block zones to keep certain spaces from being recorded so you never need to worry about personal moments being leaked.

Filter out any personal spaces, like your bed, and only record areas that require monitoring such as doorways and windows to ensure your privacy remains just that—private.

Tapo Care

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  Included Free BasicFor single camera Premium For 10 cameras
Live view
Instant notifications
Two-Way audio
Activity zones
Local storage
Motion detection
30-day video clip history  
Rich notifications with snapshots  
AI detection**  
Motion tracking  
Privacy zones  
    Subscribe Subscribe

Supported Models

Caméras IP WiFi

Caméras IP WiFi

  • Tapo C110 V1

    Tapo C110 V1

    Caméra de sécurité WiFi

  • TC60 V1

    TC60 V1

    Caméra de sécurité WiFi

  • Tapo C100 V1

    Tapo C100 V1

    Caméra de sécurité WiFi indoor pour la maison

  • Tapo C200 V1

    Tapo C200 V1

    Caméra de surveillance WiFi panoramique et inclinable Indoor

  • Tapo C210 V1

    Tapo C210 V1

    Caméra de surveillance WiFi panoramique et inclinable Indoor

  • Tapo C310 V1

    Tapo C310 V1

    Caméra de sécurité WiFi Outdoor


*When Tapo cameras detect motion, Tapo Care saves event clips to the cloud.

**AI Detection now supports person detection and baby crying detection. More functions are in development and will be supported in updated versions.

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