How to set up cloud camera as a wireless AP or wireless extender?

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 Note: This FAQ is suitable for all TP-Link cloud cameras including NC200, NC220, NC250 and so on. Here we take NC200 as example, when the NC200 is wired to the router by cable, it can work as a camera and an AP at the same time; when NC200 is wirelessly connected to the router, it can work as a camera and wireless extender at the same time.

Preparation: Have the main router’s wireless password and ‘ssid’( ‘wireless network name) ready if you want to set up the camera as a wireless extender.
Configured as an AP:
1) Refer to this link to log in the camera’s web interface
2) Then go to ‘advanced’--->’wireless extender’---click on ‘enable’ ‘wireless extender’ ;create a ‘extended wireless network name’ ( this is the name for this wireless AP); and make up a ‘password’ for this AP’s Wi-Fi; the ‘max clients’ can be set ‘unlimited’ or from 1--10 --save
Configured as a wireless extender:
1)    Refer to this link to log in the camera’s web interface
2) go to ‘advanced’--->’wireless connection’---’enable’ wireless connection--go to ‘scan’ and choose your own wireless network---input exactly the same password of your main router--hit ‘connect
3) If the extender and the main router get connected, you will see ‘host wireless network name’ is your main router’s wireless network name;
Then go to ‘wireless extender’, you can choose to set up the ‘extended wireless network name’ ‘same as host’ ormanually set up a different Wi-Fi name for the extender; also, you can set up the extender’s own wireless passwordand choose ‘max clients’---save

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