Comment trouver l'accès par défaut sur un produit TP-Link ?

Application utilisateur requise
Mis à jour 08-10-2018 08:08:05 AM


With a Web-based utility, it is easy to configure and manage the product. The Web-based utility can be used on any Windows, Macintosh or UNIX OS with a Web browser.


To access the web management page, you need to find the default access of TP-LINK product. Each kind of product has its specific default access.


This article shows where to find the default access of TP-LINK products. 


Look at the label on actual device


Turn over the device, you can see a label at the back of the device, there is character string like “Default Access; Default Settings; Default Wireless Access”.


Look at the QIG

Generally you can find the default access information on the Quick Installation Guide.