How to solve the disconnection problem when TL-PS310U works as network storage Server

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TL-PS310U can works as network storage, you just need plug in the USB Storage with TL-PS310U or the hub and use MFP software to connect to USB Storage on your computer; then you can share the files of the USB Storage, but you may encounter some disconnection problem.
When you try to upload or download the files from USB Storage Server, it may get disconnected between the TL-PS310U and USB Storage, and the MFP Server software wouldn't recognize the device anymore until rebooting the TL-PS310U.
Upgrade your computer’s network adapter driver; you need to download the latest driver from the adapter’s official website and upgrade it manually.
For the way to upgrade the network adapter driver, you can refer to:

How to Manually Install Adapters on Windows 7

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