Incoming calls do not display the caller's name

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Although the caller is in the phone book of the phone or the TP-Link VoIP modem router, when a call comes in, only the caller's phone number or an incorrect name is displayed.



Take the actions described here one at a time. After each action, check to see if the problem is resolved.

  • Upgrade the firmware of the modem router

Refer to the FAQ to update your modem router to the latest firmware.

  • Create a telephone book entry

Some cordless telephones can only display the caller's name when operating on the TP-Link modem router if there is an entry for the caller in the telephone book of the modem router. An entry in the phone's phone book itself is not always enough. Therefore, set up an entry for the phone number in the TP-Link modem router’s telephone book.

Please click this FAQ for configuration steps.

  • Test the phone with another modem router

To eliminate the phone problem, replace the TP-Link modem router with another modem router. If the problem happens with another modem router, the issue may be caused by the phone.


Carry out this suggestion only if you have another modem router.

If the above steps can’t fix the problem, please contact TP-Link technical support team and provide us the following information.

  1. Model number, hardware version and firmware version of your TP-Link device;
  2. Your VoIP service provider;
  3. The model number of the phone;
  4. A screenshot of the phone book settings on the modem router;
  5. The troubleshooting steps you have done and the results.

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