How to set up DDNS feature on TP-Link Modem Router TD-W8961N v2&v3

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DDNS (also named as Dynamic Domain Name System)  is a feature to bind your modem Router which has a floating IP address assigned by ISP(Internet service provider) to a static domain name.  This feature is often used for establishing your own website, FTP server or other servers behind the Modem Router.

Before set up on modem router:

The  Modem routers apply to this article only support two DDNS service provider:   NO-IP( ) & DynDNS(  ).  To use the DDNS feature, make sure you have registered the service on one of those two providers and Keep the router on internet.

For how to register DDNS service from those two service provider, please visit their site and contact support of them. 


For how to set up DDNS feature, please follow the steps below

Note: this article uses TD-W8961N v3 for demonstration.


Access the web interface of the Modem router by visit <> or <>.  Input your admin username and password to login the modem router.


Go to “Access Management” menu, Click the DDNS feature to access the configuration page.


For service provider NO-IP:

Choose “Activated” on “Dynamic DNS” to active the service and choose “” as your service provider.

Enter your domain and account message, and click “save” to save settings or authenticate the modem router with your service provider



For service provider DynDNS:

Choose “Activated” on “Dynamic DNS” to active the service and choose “” as your service provider.

Enter the domain name and account message needed for Dyndns and click “save” to save settings or authenticate your modem router with your service provider.

PS:  “Wildcard support” is a special support for advanced Dyndns host, if you don’t have this service, leave the settings as “No” by default.

After set up:

Check your DDNS is activated and updated by running “nslookup  your_domain_address” command on Windows, MACos and Linux computer to resolve your domain name. 

Because of the flush time of service provider, sometimes your DNS will not get updated immediately. Please running the command again after 5 minutes if you failed to get the DNS resolve successfully.

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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