Kasa Smart Ceiling Fan Control and Dimmer Switch

  • 2-in-1 Intuitive Design - 2 independent touch bars make controlling light and fan in one panel intuitive and easy.
  • 4-Speed Fan Control – Choose from four fan speeds to achieve the utmost comfort levels.
  • 1-100% Dimming Control – Control the brightness of your lights to set the ideal ambiance for different activities.
  • Voice Control – Manage your connected fan and light with voice commands via Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri®, or Google Assistant.
  • Remote Control – Manage fan and lighting levels from wherever you are through the Kasa Smart app.
  • Schedule – Schedule your lights and fans to turn on/off at your preferred brightness and speed.
  • Sleep Mode – Automate the fan to drop down to low speed after a set time.
  • Fade On/Off – Adjust the light with smooth lighting transitions to prevent eye irritation.
  • Multi-Safety Protection – ETL certified with advanced safety features including aluminum cooling, overload protection, and premium flame-retardant materials.

Comfort & Convenience
at Your Fingertips

Smart Ceiling Fan Control & Dimmer Switch


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2-in-1 Fan & Dimmer Control

  • Fan Speed

    Tailor Your Airflow

    Choose from four fan speeds to achieve the utmost comfort levels for dining, sleeping, or simply unwinding in style.

  • Brightness Level

    Customize Your Lighting

    Set the desired brightness of your light to curate the perfect ambiance for any occasion whether it's a cozy night in or a festive gathering.

Works with Apple Home

Easily integrate your KS240 with Apple Home to conveniently manage your connected fans and lights using the Apple Home App or with voice commands by asking Siri.


Voice Control

Use simple voice commands with Siri®, Alexa, or Google Assistant. No more fumbling to reach for the pull chains.

Hey Siri®, adjust the fan speed to max.

Control from Anywhere

Manage fan and lighting levels on the go with the Kasa Smart app. Ensure your home is brightly lit and comfortably cool upon arrival.

Schedule & Timer

Schedule your lights and fans to turn on/off at your preferred brightness and speed. Never worry about forgetting to turn off fans and lights when you leave.

Turn Off the Fan

Turn Off the Light

Multi-Safety Protection

Efficient Heat Dissipation

Features aluminum material for enhanced heat dissipation, safeguarding your devices against overheating.

Compact Design

Unique high-dense industrial design crams 2 sets of control circuits into a single standard wall box without sacrificing any product performance.

Lightning-Fast Touch Response

With its millisecond-level sampling IC touch chip, KS240 boasts a rapid response time of just 0.04s, ensuring your touch is registered instantly.


Premium UL94-V0 flame-retardant material minimizes burn risks.

Dual Antennas, Unrivaled Signal Stability

KS240’s revolutionary dual-antenna design offers you uninterrupted control up to 148ft in all directions, surpassing competitors' 66ft range limitations.

Controllable LED Indicators

Power on/off, set brightness, and schedule your LED indicators with ease to cater to your personalized needs.

Installation Guide

Check for Compatibility


    Separate load wires for fan and light are required.


    LED 150W Max


    Halogen & Incandescent 300W Max


    AC Motor Speed Control Fan 1.5A, Less than 60W


    Not Compatible with exhaust fans, DC motor fans.


    Do not control fans with integrated fan speed controls (i.e., fans with remote control or Bluetooth / Wi-Fi enabled).

Basic Wiring Guide

Neutral wire is required. Connect wires to the smart switch as below.

Neutral: Usually a bundle of white wires, not connected to the old switch.

Ground: Usually a green or bare copper wire.

Line: Usually black. One end is connected to the circuit breaker, the other to your old switch.

Load: Usually black or red. One end is connected to the switch, the other to your electrical device. If you are unsure, consult a qualified electrician.

Protocol IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth (for setup only)
Wireless Type 2.4 GHz WiFi Only, Bluetooth (for setup only)
Material PC (V-0, UL 94), Flame-retardant
Buttons Fan On/Off Button & LED
Fan Speed Control Bar
Light On/Off Button & LED
Dimmer Control Bar
Restart Button
Working Status
Rated 120V~, 50/60Hz
Maximum Load Lighting Load:150W LED/300W Incandescent/150W CFL
Ceiling Fan Load: 1.5A Max, 4-Speed (For a better user experience, the fan rating is recommended to be less than 60W)
Circuit Type Single Pole
Neutral Wire Required Yes
Dimmable Leading Edge Dimming / TRIAC Phase Cut
*It's also suggested to contact your bulb’s Support to check the supported dimming type of your bulb.
Supported Fan Type AC Motor Speed Control
*Compatible with most pull-string type ceiling fans (Not for use with exhaust-type fans and DC motor fans). DO NOT use to control fans with integrated fan speed controls (i.e. fans have a remote control or Bluetooth / Wi-Fi enabled).
Third-Party Platform • Apple Home
• Alexa
• Google Assistant
Package Contents 1× Smart Ceiling Fan Control & Dimmer Switch
1× Wall Plate
5× Wire Nuts
2× Screws
Wire Labels
Quick Start Guide
Certifications FCC, ETL, RoHS
Environment 0 ºC ~ 40 ºC (32°F ~ 104°F)
10%~90% RH, Non-condensing

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