Common questions about the TP-Link smart bulb product series

Q:  What socket and bulb size do our Smart Bulbs fit in?
A:  For the US version we use the A19 standard bulb size/classic bulb size, and E26 standard base size.


Q:  Can the Smart Bulbs be used in an enclosed lighting fixture? 

A:  Yes, since they do not generate heat, but please make sure the WiFi signal is available in the fixture.


Q: Do I need a Smart Switch to work with the Smart Bulb?

A:  No, you do not need any additional products.  The Smart Bulb can connect directly to WiFi by itself.


Q:  Can Alexa "group" the bulbs together if the light fixture has multiple Smart Bulbs in it?  How does that work?
A:  Yes, for multiple bulbs in the same fixture you would first setup the bulbs individually through the Kasa app.  You will also need to give each bulb its own unique name.  Once you have them configured you would then add them to Alexa.  In Alexa after they are added you can then create a “group” for the fixture.


Q:  If I get multicolor bulbs, can Kasa manage them all as one array?  I would like to change their color in one action rather than separate actions.
A:  Yes, you can set them up together as a scene in Kasa.  For details please refer to How to use creating scene function in KASA APP?


Q:  Can these lights be dimmable by Alexa/Google Assistant?  How dim will it go?
A:  Yes, our Smart Bulbs are dimmable by Kasa/Alexa/Google Assistant.  It can be dimmed to 1%.


Q:  Can Alexa/Google Assistant change the color for Smart Bulbs?

A:  Yes, Alexa/Google Assistant can change the color of LB130.  And for all the Smart Bulbs, we can change the brightness and turn them on/off via Kasa/Alexa/Google Assistant.


Q:  Does the bulb shut down completely when you turn the light switch off in Kasa?  How much energy does it use when idle?

A:  When light goes out, the bulb switches to standby mode.  In standby mode, the bulb will only consume enough energy that can be recognized through the App.  The standby mode power consumption varies, please refer to the product specification on the official website for details.

Q:  Will Smart Bulbs work with a dimmer?

A:  No, they will not work with a dimmer.  However, you can adjust the brightness on Smart Bulbs themselves through the Kasa app or voice controlled through Alexa/Google Assistant.


Q:  What is the expected life of the bulb?

A:  For LB100, it is expected to last for about 15000 hours based on lab testing; for the other models, it is 25000 hours.  Since it is a smart bulb, the network and electrical environment may both affect the product life. 


Q: How do I reset the Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb to factory defaults?

A: There are two types of reset available: a soft reset which does not erase the current settings, and a factory reset that erases all of your custom settings and restore them to factory defaults.

To reset the Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs without losing the configuration settings:

1. Turn the light switch controlling the bulb to the OFF position.

2. Flip the light switch on and off 3 times

To reset the Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs to factory defaults:

1. Turn the light switch controlling the bulb to the OFF position.

2. Flip the light switch on and off 5 times.


Q: Can I use my Smart Light bulb outside of the region I purchased it in?

A: The The TP-Link Smart light bulbs are designed to work specifically in the region they were purchased in.  Before attempting to use them in other regions please check the voltage rating printed on the device.  Damage caused by using the bulb in this manner may void your product's warranty.

This Article Applies to:
LB230 , LB130 , LB120
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