How to Setup as PPPoE (Etisalat) - PNP

    Before proceeding to the setup please make sure of the following points.

    • Customer must be at place of the connection & all cables connected to router to make sure setup goes correct. Cable from ONT (Etisalat Fiber Box) to TP-LINK Internet Port.
    • Customer should have connection username & password issued by Etisalat which is alphanumeric. To setup PNP Customer also should have VLan ID. If Customer doesn't have you may try VLan ID 20-30 but still if it doesn't work ask customer to get correct VLan ID from Etisalat.
    • It is recommended to use a Desktop or Laptop for the setup.

    Login to the Setup Page

    Choose Region & Time Zone.

    Choose Connection Type: PPPoE.

    Type Username & Password provided by Etisalat. *All in Lower case.

    Choose WiFi Name & Password


    Click Save





    Click Finish to Complete



    Go to Advance → Network → IPTV



    VLAN ID Settings



    Go to Status &

    Check WAN IP assigned by Etisalat to confirm Connectivity.




    Some more usefull settings for you.



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