5 Cutting-edge Technology Solutions When Working at Home or Schooling from Home

    Dubai, March 19, 2020, During the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies are suggesting employees to work from home. Schools are also providing remote learning via various online platforms. For those who don’t have an organized workstation or stable Wi-Fi network, distractions can disrupt your productivity.

    Performing the first step for teleworking or schooling from home is much easier than it seems, and TP–Link offers some cutting–edge technology that helps facilitate a seamless working environment from home and uninterrupted access to the company's server at any time.

    One of the issues that worries workers betting on telework, is having a good connection that allows you to carry out their work activities without delays or unforeseen problems. TP-Link ‘s Technology solutions not only guarantee the best connection at home, but also allow you to maintain the usual level of productivity and even increase it.

    TP-Link Whole Home Wi-Fi Solution: Deco Mesh Wi-Fi System

    Deco M9 Plus MESH technology is very useful in covering very large spaces. We are talking about places of up to 6500 square feet, where we need to offer the best coverage, speed and stability experience in any corner. Not only Deco M9 Plus, TP-Link has many other MESH devices as per every individual’s needs. MESH technology devices distribute the signal offered by the main router uninterrupted throughout the space, so that the user does not perceive a drop in performance or speed while moving from one room to another. Deco can handle traffic from even the busiest of networks, providing lag-free connections for over 100 devices. In addition, we can enjoy parental control functions, security against malware or compatibility with smart home devices.

    Cost Efficient AX Router

    TP-Link continues striving to make cutting-edge technological advances fully accessible. Pioneering Wi-Fi 6 routers, TP-Link Archer AX10 drastically improves throughput and capacity, enabling 4K streaming, high-quality video chatting, and other stability-intensive applications to perform better in dense usage scenarios. The latest Wi-Fi 6 standard will boost speeds, expand coverage, reduce latency, and prevent dropped connections for homes with numerous devices. Easy Setup minutes with the Tether app also it is Compatible with Alexa. You can control routers via voice commands and make life smarter and easier with Amazon Alexa. Providing lag-free connections for up to 32 wireless devices.

     Wi-Fi Range Extender

    You already have a Wi-Fi router? Looking to extend your Wi-Fi to hard-to-reach areas, simply place your Wi-Fi Range Extender between the wireless router and Wi-Fi devices and coverage will expand while dead zones will disappear. The smart signal indicator will guide you to choose the best location. Also take advantage of its AP mode and easy management through the Tether App.

    The TP-Link RE650 coverage extender is one of the most advanced; with dual band, additional ethernet port and Link Backup ideal for HD video viewing, online conferencing, heavy document downloads and any other bandwidth intensive task.

    SOHO Switches

    If you need to connect multiple devices to the wired network, switches are an excellent choice. These devices are responsible for the interconnection of equipment within the same network, they constitute the local area networks or LAN together with the cabling. They allow you to share files so that the rest of the devices have access to them, share printers or share the internet network, which is ideal for consoles, Smart TVs, etc.

    The TL-SG1005D&TL-SG1008D switches with its 5/8 Gigabit ports detects the link speed of each network device and intelligently adjusts for optimal performance and compatibility. The 8 ports allow instant transfer of large files and high bandwidth usage without interference.

    4G Routers & Mi-Fi

    NO Internet at home? Don’t worry Archer MR600 router is the perfect where we do not have a Wi-Fi connection. Just turn on the device, insert the SIM card and enjoy fast and stable Wi-Fi connection on all your devices. Instantly increase productivity and stay connected where ever you are an integrated 4G LTE modem that offers with a maximum speed of up to 300Mbps in the 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps in the 5GHz band, dual band Wi-Fi coverage and WAN connection available as a backup as it supports ethernet connection.

    Our LTE-Advanced Mobile Wi-Fi M7650 is another best option for “GO Anywhere Connect Everywhere” It is a portable router which can be easily carried like mobile and it allows you to connect to the Internet wherever you go without the need for fiber or ADSL.

    These devices do exactly the same as, when you share the Internet connection of your mobile: they create a 4G Wi-Fi network as an access point. Thus, you will not consume the battery of your smartphone. They also have USB charging ports and have greater coverage. You can enjoy HD video without cuts, fast file downloads, sharing with up to 32 wireless devices and stable video chats, all with speeds of 300Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload. It is also easily manageable through the TPMifi App

    In the coming years, teleworking will be a very widespread reality worldwide. Technologies such as those indicated here will be common and will allow working from home not only to be a rewarding experience for the employee, but also to significantly increase their productivity.


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