TP-Link has established a range of conduct codes and management systems centered on business ethics. Through our Employee Handbook, we delineate the professional and business ethics that all employees must follow, mitigating corruption and unfair competition at the root. Building on the accomplishments of our business continuity management, we are equipped to continually safeguard our business development against major natural disasters, international political conflicts, and trade disputes.

Business Ethics

  • 20

    Incorruptibility and Self-Discipline Training Sessions

    In 2022, we conducted 20 training sessions on integrity and self-discipline, reaching 1,263 individuals. We also carried out 60 specific internal control tasks, 11 of which were dedicated to business ethics.

  • 0 

    Complaints and Reports of Corruption

    Adopting a 'Zero Tolerance' stance on corruption, TP-Link has implemented a reporting mechanism and enhanced our supervision system, complete with designated reporting mailboxes. We value both real-name and anonymous reports, accepting diverse reporting channels and methods.

  • 87.95 %

    Honesty and Integrity Agreement Signing Rate

    TP-Link fortifies the foundation of business ethics throughout our operations, chiefly by endorsing the Honesty and Integrity Agreement. Thus far, 87.95% of our suppliers have signed this agreement, with a signing rate of 92.59% among production material suppliers. 

Risk Identification and Management

TP-Link emphasizes thorough examination, assessment, and risk identification across R&D, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and technical services. In parallel, we are progressively establishing a Business Continuity Management (BCM) System. Our ongoing pursuit of evolution and transformation aims to enhance TP-Link's operational efficiency and organizational resilience, equipping us to manage and mitigate the impact of business risks effectively.      

  • Diversification of Resources

  • Convenient Supply

  • Storage Scenarization

  • Resilience of Capacity


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