How to set blocked areas using No-Go Zones and Virtual Wall for robot vacuum

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Updated 07-05-2024 02:17:02 AM 20992
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You can add No-Go Zones and a Virtual Wall to designate areas in your home where you don’t want your robot vacuum to go.

No-Go Zones

Add rectangular zones to your smart map, which is ideal for keeping your robot vacuum away from pet bowls, carpet, clutter, or other areas where your robot vacuum has difficulty navigating.

If there is an area in your home where your robot vacuum may get stuck multiple times, adding a No-Go Zone on that area of your smart map can help.

Virtual Wall

Creates an invisible barrier that your robot vacuum won't cross, which will confine it to a particular area, and prevents it from getting too close to anything delicate or dangerous like the stairs.

How to set No-Go Zones and Virtual Wall

1. Go to the home page of the robot vacuum. Tap the Map icon on the top right.

2. Select the map you want to edit. Tap Edit Map.

3. There are 2 features available: Virtual Wall and No-Go Zones. Tap “Virtual Wall/No-Go Zones”.

4. Tap “Virtual Wall” to add virtual walls so your robot vacuum cleans a certain area. Adjust the line as needed.

NOTE: The virtual wall cannot pass through the charging station.

5. Tap “No-Go Zones” to add zones in areas you want your robot vacuum to avoid. Adjust the rectangles as needed.

NOTE: The no-go zone cannot pass through the charging station and should not be too close to the charging station.

6. Tap “Save” on the top right corner to apply settings.

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