What should I do if the HS220 cannot dim the light properly?

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Note: The TP-Link smart bulb cannot work with the HS220The dimmable LED which can work with the HS220 should be the LED that can be dimmed by the hardware switch, TP-Link smart bulb can only be controlled by the Kasa app, which can't be dimmed by the hardware switch.

You may encounter some problems when trying to dim the light via the HS220. Here are some tips for your reference.

Case 1 You can turn on/off the light via the HS220, but cannot adjust the brightness of the light.

  1. Confirm if the light is a dimmable light that can be dimmed by the hardware switch. If it’s not, then it cannot be dimmed by the HS220.
  2. Check the dimmer type of the light. The HS220 only supports dimmable incandescent and LED lights based on TRIAC and  forward-phase-control, while it doesn’t support lamps based on PWM(pulse width module) or ELV(electronic low voltage)dimming.

Case2 The HS220 can only dim one bulb properly. When there are more than one bulbs, there may be a flickering issue during the dimming process, or the bulbs can only be turned on/off but cannot be dimmed.

This case is mostly because the light bulbs is PWM or ELV dimmer, which is not supported by the HS220. It’s suggested to contact the lamp support to check the dimmer type of the bulb.


The types of Dimmer include Incandescent/Halogen, Magnetic Low-voltage (MLV), Electronic Low-voltage (ELV), Neon/Cold Cathode (Magnetic Ballast), Fluorescent (Electronic Fluorescent Dimming Ballast) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) (Electronic LED Driver). The HS220 belongs to Incandescent/Halogen (forward phase control), which is based on TRIAC.

Case 3 The light is still very bright even when you’ve put 1% brightness or very dim even you’ve put 100% brightness.

KASA Smart Dimmer works well with dimmable LED and incandescent bulbs. However, all bulbs vary and some bulbs switch off when dimmed below moderate levels. Dimming calibration lets you set the lowest possible brightness for your bulbs to ensure you get the best possible dimming experience. It’s suggested to try the Dimming Calibration feature What is Dimming Calibration and how it works? to calibrate the dimming range and see how it goes.

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