How to remove the existing wireless network profile on Windows 8?

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Removing wireless network profile may become necessary when you try to connect to a wireless network after you changed its password (without renaming it), so that it can identify the new one.


Solution 1

Step1 Click on the Wi-Fi icon at the right-hand corner in the task tray, and it will bring out all the available wireless signals;

Step 2 Right click on the existing wireless network name and select forget this network;

 Step 3 Reconnect to the wireless network.


Solution 2

 Step 1 You can also bring out all the wireless networks by a way of control panel;

Press ‘Windows key +X’, and click on Control Panel:


Step 2 Then click on Network and InternetàNetwork and Sharing CenteràChange Adapter Settings (on the left):


Step 3 Right click on Wi-Fi icon and locate on Connect/Disconnect, then you will see the existing wireless network:


Step 4 Remove the existing profile as mentioned in Solution 1.

Step 5 Reconnect to the wireless network.


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