How to manually add a profile for my ISP to dial up on MA180?

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For some countries and areas, we have no information about the 3G Internet provider (ISP). So there may be no correct dial up profile for that ISP. In that situation, you need to create a profile by yourself to dial up. Please follow the steps below.
Step 1
Open the TP-Link 3G Wireless Broadband Client software and go to Settings page.
Step 2
Click on New to create a profile for your ISP. For easy indentifying, it is better to type in the name of your ISP as the Profile Name.
Then Type in the APN and Access Number. They are given by your 3G service provider. If you are not sure, please contact your provider. The APN usually is Static. Access Number is also called Dial Number.
If the Username and Password are NOT provided by your ISP, please leave them blank. But if you are not sure, please contact your service provider as well.
Note: Normally, it is not necessary to configure the Advanced. But if the provider tells you more configuration is needed, please go to Advanced to have a check.
Step 3:
Double check the settings and click Save button. Then go to main page, select the correct profile and click Connect button.
When it is marked as connected, you can surf the Internet. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us

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