TP-Link’s TL-WPA4220 300Mbps AV500 WiFi Powerline Extender Wins Gold from HWM in Malaysia

    TP-Link’s TL-WPA4220 300Mbps AV500 WiFi Powerline Extender gained HWM’s Gold award with an overall performance of 9.0 points out of 10 from HWM Malaysia, a leading authority on consumer technology products and the most influential tech magazine in Southeast Asia. HWM commonly features stories on emerging technology trends and the latest gadgets and is also a trusted source for consumer technology reviews with rigorous testing and reliable expert reviews.

    The TL-WPA4220KIT 300Mbps AV500 WiFi Powerline Extender Starter Kit is the latest in TP-Link’s increasingly extensive powerline device portfolio. The adapters will allow users to expand their wireless and powerline networks for robust network connectivity around a home or office with impressive wired powerline and 802.11n wireless speeds. 
    The TL-WPA4220KIT extends a network connection to every room within a home’s electrical circuitry. With 500Mbps Powerline and 300Mbps wireless data transfer rates, they are ideal for bandwidth -intensive or latency-sensitive applications like video streaming, online gaming and Internet calls.
    TL-WPA4220 performed well in HWM’s test on large file transfer performance. They tested the adapters by downloading a 1GB file from different stages. At a distance of five meters away from the device, it took a rather short wait of 5 minutes. At ten meters away, the result was an average of 12 minutes. When it came to the extreme 20 meters away, it took 30 minutes to download the file. The testing result showed that the device can provide stable wireless connections, “even at the 20 meter mark, we were still receiving a stable connection signal, and not once during the 30 minutes it took did the connection break or the download stall.”
    The editor summarized, saying “The TL-WPA4220KIT is a great addition to your home network. It helps with many household problems caused by overly long Ethernet cables and spotty Wi-Fi coverage.”


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