MagSlim LiDAR Navigation

What Makes It Stand Out?

What is MagSlim
LiDAR Navigation?

MagSlim LiDAR Navigation adopts the mini-dToF LiDAR sensor and sinks it into the front of a robot vacuum for navigation and mapping, creating a new product form for LiDAR navigation robot vacuums. Like magic, it makes products extremely thin while retaining the precise mapping of traditional LiDAR navigation.

How Does MagSlim LiDAR Navigation Differ from Others?

Seeing through Sensors

  • Gyroscope Navigation

    Gyroscope sensors detect the motion and rotation of the robots.


    Efficient path planning

    Introduced zigzag path planning to reduce omissions.


    Lower accuracy

    The measurement accuracy is lower, which doesn’t suit complex environments.

  • Traditional LiDAR Navigation

    LiDAR scans the house with a spinning laser on top of the robot.


    Precise mapping

    LiDAR accurately measures distances and dimensions, generates precise house maps, and conducts planned cleaning.


    Increased product height

    However, subject to the sensor’s position, the LiDAR module increases the thickness of the robot.

  • VSLAM Navigation

    The camera on the top maps the house by taking photos of the ceiling and other landmarks.


    Visual mapping

    It obtains more data by simulating human vision to realize the recognition and navigation of surroundings.


    Limited operating condition and accuracy

    Every coin has two sides, though, VSLAM’s accuracy is reduced and cannot work in the dark.

  • MagSlim LiDAR Navigation

    The newly designed Mini-dToF LiDAR is sunk into the interior of the robot to map and navigate.


    Precise mapping + ultra-slim

    It not only continues with high-precision mapping and navigation but also bypasses the height limitation of traditional LiDAR. This provides the robot access beneath lower cabinets and beds to clean harder-to-reach areas.

What MagSlim LiDAR Navigation Offers

Ultra-Slim, Goes Where No Robot has Gone Before

The Mini-dToF LiDAR sensor adopts a sophisticated design to make it more compact. Different from traditional LiDAR sensors originally placed on the top of robots, the Mini-dToF LiDAR can be sunk into the interior of the robot. This reduces the vacuum’s height by 2 cm and enables entrance into narrower spaces to sweep away dust and dirt that are hard to find and clean, greatly increasing the robot vacuum’s cleaning coverage.

7.8cm MagSlim LiDAR Navigation 10cm Traditional LiDAR Navigation

Precise, Maps Your Home Accurately

Through continuous technical iteration, the measurement accuracy of MagSlim LiDAR Navigation far exceeds that of VSLAM and gyroscope navigation. It achieves millimeter-level measurement and has a scanning distance of up to 8 m, perceiving and mapping the 3D world faster and more accurately.

  • High Sampling Frequency

    4500 Hz

    Captures more data, enriches sampling depth.

  • Wide Range Scanning Distance

    0.03 m ~ 8 m

    Measures objects near and far precisely.

  • Anti Light Interference

    60000 Lux

    Works well in both bright and dark rooms.

  • High-Level Laser Safety

    IEC-60825 Class 1

    Eye-safe under all operating conditions.

Covers More, Costs Less

The mapping of MagSlim LiDAR Navigation combined with our self-developed smart path planning algorithm enables the robot vacuum to clean every corner of your home, reducing repeated cleaning and omissions, greatly increasing cleaning coverage, and shortening the entire process time.

Cleaning Coverage

Over 90%

Longer Lifespan, Long-Term Companionship

The Mini-dToF LiDAR adopts a purely solid-state design without a mechanical drive, which lowers its failure rate. Compared with traditional LiDAR, its lifespan is 5× longer, up to 10000 hours, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

  • halo h30 3pack

    Mini-dToF LiDAR

  • halo h30 2pack

    Traditional LiDAR


Sensor Lifespan / 10000 h 2000 h 10000 h
Sensor Dimensions Extra Small Medium Large Small
Sampling Frequency / / 2300 Hz ~ 3000 Hz 4500 Hz
Scanning Range / / 0.16 m ~ 8 m 0.03 m ~ 8 m
Anti-Ambient Light / / 30000 Lux 60000 Lux
Works Well in the Dark Yes No Yes Yes
Height of the Body ≤8 cm 8 cm ~ 10 cm 9 cm ~ 10 cm ≤8 cm
Mapping Accuracy ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★
Cleaning Coverage ★★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★★★
Scheduled Cleaning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Floor Maps No Yes Yes Yes
No-Go Zones / Virtual Walls No Yes Yes Yes
Selected Room Cleaning No Yes Yes Yes
Specific Area Cleaning No Yes Yes Yes

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